Friday, September 09, 2005


So, here's some reviews to tide you guys over for the weekend.

303 #5

I like Garth Ennis. Probably more than any grown man has a right to like a guy who writes comics, especially one he's never met...but I just don't seem to understand what the hell is going on in this book. I loved it when it started, but how it became this, and what exactly happened last issue is kind of a blur. I need to re-read the whole thing when it's finished, which thankfully will be with the next issue. But, given Avatar's infrequent releases, that might not be until December. Grade: ? (I think I'd have to understand it to grade it)

Intimates #11

Well, that was fun. Just one issue to go before it's all over folks. At least, I think it ends with #12. It's ending either way. This is a definite step up over the crappy last issue. The art is doable, and Casey hasn't lost a step with his dialogue or scripting. I'm interested to see how the Wildcats, or at least Marlowe, ties into all this in the end. I could've done without the pity-party Casey turned the scrolls into. We all know his books get canned and he's been editorially screwed as much as anyone else working today, but do you really need to start addressing it inside the damn comic? Here's hoping it ends with a bit of respect for the readers it does have instead of bitching about the ones it doesn't, otherwise I doubt I'll be picking up anything again by Casey.

Cable & Deadpool #19

A filler issue, i can only assume to help add more to an eventual TPB. Still, pretty good stuff. We get a bit more personal with Wade than I think we've ever gotten, which was nice, even if it was predictable...kinda. I really like this series, I like that there's a funny letters column, I like that there's a funny intro updating the reader on the goings on, I like that the one guy who knows the characters better than anyone is getting to write their story, I like that it's pretty much schlock that will never be anything better than an action packed mutant book, and Faber's KNOWS that. I like stories about two guys sittin' at a bar talking about things in ways only two guys at a bar can talk about. I just like it. Grade: 3.5/5

The Batman Chronicle #11

A Paul Pope Batman tale is reason enough to check this one out. It's got three stories in it, all Elseworlds tales. Pope's is easily the best, titled "Berlin Batman", it's just Batman in Berlin in 1938, only Bruce is an effiminate socialite painter, working in the shadows to help those in need as The Batman. It's a damn interesting take on the character, one that has to be read to really be appreciated. The others, a pirate tale by Chuck Dixon and Quique Alcatena which stinks, and a noir story called "Curse of the Cat-Woman" is so-so, written by J.F. Moore with art by Kieron Dwyer. It's pretty much standard for the genre, but it has a cool little origin for the Batman at the end. If you can find it cheap, worth it for the Pope story. Grade: 3.5/5

Ousiders Double Feature

Collect issues #1&2 of the most recent volume. Basically it's the Teen Titans redux, with a few new cats thrown in for the hell of it. It's not good, but it's not that bad, kinda standard capes stuff. I'd like to know how the story ends, but I just can't drumm up enough interest to buy any more issues. I'll stick with my ending, it's better anyway. I'd like to think Grodd kicked the living shit out of them, then took over the city, and eventually the world, and now the DCU looks like something out of a Planet of the Apes movie. Just not the Burton one, that one sucked. Grade: 2.5/5

Death: The High Cost of Living

So, here's Rog's first recommendation. I loved it.

It looks like it's the story of Death as she decides to come to this plane of existence for one day, but it's not, not really. It's really the story of Sexton, a teen with typical teen feelings. He's suicidal, faithless and believes his life is over at 16. A kid that obviously knows nothing. Everything else is just a way to show this kid, and anyone reading, that life is what you make it, it's a decision, one no one but you can make. That, no, there may not be a point to life other than just living it, just staying up to see what happens next, to see what surprises wait around every corner. It's all of that covered up with a cute story about Death inhabiting a body to experience cab rides, hot dogs, actual death, human interaction, danger, all of the things we have to face everyday. Even assholes being assholes. It's not really a new story, it's kind of It's a Wonderful Life-ish, but it works, really well. I even like Bachalo's art, which is something I don't think I've ever been able to say, usually it's too crowded, but it works excellently here. Maybe it's Gaiman's script that helps with that, I dunno. I just know I enjoyed the hell out of it. Thanks Rog! I'll crack the others you recommended later this weekend, for now though, it's off to work!


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