Monday, September 12, 2005

Oy Vey!

Tonight will be my baby brother's bris (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), and for those that aren't Semetically inclined, that means they'll be cutting him...just don't ask where. Since his mom is Jewish, and kids get their religion from their parents, Avi will be Jewish. I imagine most southern families would shun both the kid, his mom and my father, but fortunately she married into his, and we're not really in a position to be shunning anyone, what with the multiple siblings infrequent jailings, the lousy jobs with low pay, little education and all around lunacy. In fact, I'm often amazed we ever made it out of the trailer parks.

All kidding aside, this will be a pretty cool event. I've loved that her family is open enough to allow us to participate in all of their traditions, and in fact, WANT us to participate, it's all been a learning experience, and it will hopefully continue now that we have a new little Jewish fellow in the family.

I'm eagerly anticipating/dreading the Falcons game tonight, hopefully everyone will be pretty much gone by the time it starts. I'd hate for them to see my dad go into a fit when the Falcons are forced to kick a field goal on the five yard line after going three and out.


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