Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dexy's Midnight Links

New stuff up at the Galaxy. Actually, it was new yesterday, but I'm a bum. My latest Loose Staples, my review of a decent mini-comic, Brush and Pen, along with Sterling's Behind the Counter, and best of all, the one and only Rob Vollmar actually has a new International Geographic this week. This is why he rules and you all drool. None of you give me presents like this.

Except Steven Grant, who has a new Permanent Damage up.

Fell CBG-er, Gordon has a new Stripped Books up. Go read it. NOW! It's about that Potter fellow that all the kids seem to love.

Thank you.

Darn, no Kids Incorporated DVDs.

But we do get more Clone Wars!

Comicscape has a rundown of this weeks comics.

Progressive Ruin celebrates post #1000. Good on him. He should write more fanfic, this was hilarious.

The world according to Kid Chris, via Dorian. I'd say we start a petition for a KC blog, but Mike and his little gang have enough members already.

Wanna know why some people stayed? Here's a poem. This is heartbreaking.

If you haven't yet, sign this petition!

Hah! I have no (and I do mean NO) training whatsoever in writing. I have a high school education for fuck's sake, and I turn out better stuff on a weekly basis than this idiot. Why the hell would this even get published? If I sent this in to CBG, Alan would have a "serious talk" with me about my place on the site. First of all, there's nothing there. NOTHING. I don't dig on Kochalka's auto-bio stuff, I just don't, but if I was going to talk about it I'd say something at least informed. This guy doesn't seem to have even read any of his stuff, only read reviews he found through Google. What a fucking moron.


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