Friday, September 02, 2005

Quickies (and other stuff)-9/2/05

Let's get right to the comics, shall we?

TMNT #23

Wow, since this book come out every two months, that means I've been buying it for four years. This is probably the most progressive book on the stands, meaning that things are constantly changing for the four Turtles, hell until recently it had been quite a few months since they were even in the same room together, their stories taking four seperate routes, and even now Mikey isn't with the other three. After finding out April's disturbing origin last month it was nice to have some focus on the Turtles, but I'm anxious to see how her subplot wraps up, as well as the Turtles. Mikey is on another planet, Raph is some Godzilla look alike, Don is the size of one of my G.I. Joes, and Leo seems to be pretty normal still. And the changes are somewhat permanent, especially in Raph's case. I love seeing this book on the shelves, but with Laird admitting that each issue is losing money, it's a wonder that it's still going. So, please, everyone, buy this book! If it's cancelled I'll have to come to your house and beat you up! Grade: A

Grounded #2

I JUST reviewed issue #1 over at CBG, and now I have issue #2 in my hands. It was a lot more structured than the first ish, and still had plenty of the "funny", but wasn't any more enjoyable, which isn't saying it's bad, just so-so. I love the cover though! Azaceta's art is muddy but beautiful and Sable's script is funny, even if the plot holes are still kind of there. But, they're only plot holes until they're resolved right? It's cool watching scenes from the first ish be repeated here, but with different outcomes, since Jonathan is now in a completely different environment.The dodgeball scene is particularly good. All in all good, unconventional capes book, but it could be better. Grade: B-

Tales of the TMNT #14

It's nice having two Turtles book, especially with the focus being so different. This ish wraps up a two-part tale that saw four Leo's from various ages travel back in time to free a mystic monkey. Pretty "high" concept no? Good, good stuff, great action scenes, good dialogue, and a plot that's to die for, there's even a "kick you in the pants" ending that made me smile. This series jumps in quality from issue to issue, but I'm happy to say that this story was as good as anything that's happened in the regular series lately. And I love the art! Grade: A

So, there, I talked comics! You happy?

The "other stuff" is just icing on the cake!

I meant to link to this the other day, but unfortunately it slipped my mind and I forgot to bookmark it, so here it is:

Stripped Books from fellow Galaxy contributor Gordon. At the site are two online strips he does, Stripped and Multiplex. Stripped is a non-fiction comic that looks at the happenings in Chicago that have to do with comics. It's a lot less confusing than it sounds, I swear. The quality varies from strip to strip, but it's overall enjoyable stuff. But, I LOVE Multiplex. Gordon is pretty good with the humour, and it has movie references in it, so it's like paradise for me. Please, go check them out!

Other new stuff at the Galaxy: Breakdowns, Last Call and International Geographic. Three of my favorite things!

Yeah, I got fooled with the International Geographic thing two, man was I all excited. Let's hope the "time consuming work" involves the words "Blues" and "Man". Thanks a lot Chris Hunter!

I kid because I love. But, while there' no manga column, there is a contest! Lots of good books for very little work!

Speaking of contests, enter mine already! Just email me at, put FF Comics in the title, include your name an address if you'd like (otherwise I'll contact you when and if you win), and bam! you could win some free Fantastic Four Comics!

ADD has a cool interview up at his Kochalkaholic blog. Despite anything that's said about him, and all the negativity in comics today, this is just one happy blog. It's just nice to see anyone be excited about anything the way that ADD gets excited about Kochalka's work. While you're there, sign his petition!

Greg Burgas sums up how I feel about N'awlins. But I'm gonna say it here anyway.

Is it a disaster? Yeah, you bet. But 9/11 it is not. Those people died for no other reason than there are idiots running things and religious zealots running other things. I feel sorry for the people that have lost so much, but only a fool would ever go back. My grandmother's trailer was once decimated by a tornado. She had a pretty big plot of land, so when it came time to get another one, well, she wasn't fool enough to put it back in the same place. New Orleans is a lost cause in my opinion. It will take years to get it back to something resembling what it was, and I just don't see the point. You cannot defy nature. You can stand there, with your chest puffed out, screaming at her all you want, but when she comes at you full force, you're going to fall, and you're going to fall hard. This will happen again, it's only a matter of time.

So, that's it for me. Have a great weekend folks. I'll be back at somepoint during it, I'm sure.