Friday, September 09, 2005

Recommend My Reading

Well, it's obvious who the first volunteer should be, since he wants me to get to readin' them books, come on down Roger Green! You suggest I crack some of them open and give em a read, so, guess what Rog, ol buddy ol pal? I'm gonna let YOU pick what I should read next! Then I'll review it, definitely here, and maybe over at the Galaxy if it's recent and/or good enough to warrant that.

I think I might make this a regular little feature, maybe each week I can post the list and someone can recommend what book (or books perhaps) I should read. Because I suck at deciding on anything.

BTW Rog, a few of those will show up in my next Loose Staples (here's a hint: Ant #1, Supergirl #1, Fragile Prophet #1, and maybe one of the GNs or trades, haven't whatever books I buy before then at the LCS), so you can avoid those.

So, you have the list, you want me to read 'em, I say you tell me what to read. You, yes, YOU, Roger Green, get to be the boss of me!

I'm anxiously awaiting your choice (or, choices maybe!), and do so hope you take this in the light-hearted manner it's intended!

And, if anyone else wants to chime in, feel free, though I can't promise I'll get around to readin' your selection anytime soon. ADD, Chris (either of you), any of my fellow CBG-ers, if you have anything on the list you're dying for me to review for the Galaxy, either as a solo review, or in my column, by all means, add your voices as well, I'll get on them ASAP!

This might be a pretty cool little experiment, if anyone bothers to comment that is.


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