Sunday, September 11, 2005


Anyone not interested in football, come back tomorrow, I'll have something else.

I had to work Thursday, so I didn't get to see the season opener, and honestly didn't much care. Though, I do have Oakland's QB on my fantasy team, after Collins 70 yd pass to Moss I'd have 20 pts, but oh well, my other QB is Tampa Bay, who looked decent enough today.

My area, on Fox anyway, got the Carolina/Saints game, and I was disappointed in it entirely. I was rooting for the Panthers, no matter what the Saints may represent at the moment. Football is football, I'm not gonna pull for the Saints because of some tragedy, which they all escaped anyway, and they'll get a new stadium out of it. I'd actually say the Saints came out ahead in all of that, maybe it's the stadium that's been holding them back, after all, how can a team that's never been to one play happily in something named FOR the super bowl that was played there. But, I still wanted them to lose, they're too iffy a team, always have been, if they do get on a high point they tend to implode and bring everything down with them.

Right now I'm flipping between the Dallas/Chargers game and Agassi's amazing feat in the US Open. Man I hope he beats that punk kid, heh. REAL football, though, doesn't begin until tomorrow night, when my Falcons go against the Eagles. I have ZERO confidence in their ability to win, I'm just hoping for a good game, if the team looks good I can begin my ginormous , nail-biting hoping spree. Can they actually make it to the big one? I can hope right?

I have dismal hopes for my fantasy team, who's line-up I can't give you because ESPN sicks ass and apparently can;t support its fantasy traffic. Next year I won't be playing on their site.

I have little predictions for the year, but I do think Dallas will be the surprise of the season.

Tonight marks the beginning of Fox's TV season as well, but I'm most looking forward to Arrested Development's premiere, and for those who don't know, it's moved to Mondays, which may just gain it some viewers now that Raymond has gone.

So, anyway, more football and tennis now, maybe some comics later, and probably a rant about how the Falcons blew it tomorrow night. Peace.


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