Monday, July 18, 2005

All Hail the Hypno-Toad!

Man I loved me some Futurama. Good news, the movie is pretty much a go. I liked Family Guy but I don't see why it deserved renewal over this, Futurama rules everything.

Even more good news, Clone High is coming out as well!!!

Your summer reading list, courtesy of Joe Rice and Comic Book Galaxy. I'm actually going to try and get these...well, except for Flex Mentallo. Only because it would cost me more than $50 to get em though.

Javier Hernandez GN El Muerto is now a movie. Apparently everyone but me knew this already, but there ya go. It's stars Fez (Why is it Fez? It should be Fes- Foreign Exchange Student) from That 70's Show. Aztec zombies, huh? Sounds like Zombie Tom's kinda thing, maybe mine too.

Via the always wonderful Mike Sterling: The Watcher. I'm thinking I'll make the Watcher movie he suggested with my stop motion video camera, them send it to him.

Dave's back from Diego, go say hey.

I spent most of the day watching.recording episodes of The Tick. Man that's a funny ass show. This week will be spent primarily rebuilding my comics list, not a hard thing, but a pain in the ass nonetheless.


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