Thursday, July 21, 2005

On my planet this is hilarious

Cartoon Network is airing a Titans marathin right now. I only get to watch the show sporadically, but man I wish I caught more episodes. You people and your TIVOs make me jealous. I'm assuming this was the season finale, Raven has brought Trigun to Earth, dying in the process and Robin and company have to stop him with Slade's help. Seeing Slade and Robin team-up was cool in that geeky way, and seeing Slade sans mask was uber-creepy. Not sure why they think that's acceptable, but calling him Deathstroke isn't...but, yeah, this show rocks.

This week at the LCS I picked up Bone Vol. 2 (the color edition) as well as the new Cable & Deadpool and a book called Grounded (issue #1 btw). Been awhile since I wrote a full on review for CBG and I think Grounded warrants one (so does Bone, of course, but I'm not so certain about reviewing it right on the heels of my Vol 1 review...I should ask Alan about that) so as soon as I finish the next LOOSE STAPLES, which will hopefully be tonight.

Elsewhere on the web:

Yesterday at Comic Book Galaxy Rob Vollmar's latest International Geographic went up. I'm enjoying the hell out of this new column and having Rob writing anything on a regular basis is just plain sweet. While you're there check out Sobel's Crack Shots and Rice's Make-Believe War!

Ever wonder what it's like at Geek Heaven, well, these people made it there and came back to tell us about it.

Also, via the Spurg: Wizard World Atlanta. This has me majorly excited, it's about time ATL got a show of its own, and the south needed something in genral. Guess where I'll be next year?

According to DavidDVD, we're getting Elektra: The Director's Cut. I liked the movie, so that's kind of cool.

Grand Theft Auto will be removed from retail shelves. All because parents are too flippin lazy to make sure their kids don't get a hold of it. It's already a 17 or older game, now it's adults only...what the hell is the difference? This pisses me off more than anything else, ever, and I don't even play the game. My gas station can carry porn but Wal-Mart can't carry GTA...Jesus this country is dumb.

I'd also like to add my voice to the wishes of condolences to the families of Jim Aparo and James Doohan. I'm not overly familiar with Aparo's art, nor was I a big Trekkie, but I was saddened by the news regardless. My prayers to the family and friends of the two.


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