Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Quickies-07/27/05: The Movie Edition

The Chronicle of Riddick

I tried to like this, and it has a few good idea going for it, but it's just too much in the end. Pitch Black worked because of it's simplicity, there isn't a single thing about Riddick that is simple. Well, except maybe the dialogue, which mostly reads like it was written by a five year old. Twohy and company try too hard to make Riddick out to be some important character in the universe, rather than just the accidental hero he was in Pitch Black. It becomes a story that's too huge to tell, trying to tie the previous film in with the current arc, tying the Necromongers (the worst name in the history of stupid names) in with Riddick's origin, it just ends up convoluting the entire movie. And Dench ends up being wasted talent. Maybe not the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's definitely one of the most disappointing.

Fantastic Four

So, I went and saw this again, then I read some early Lee/Kirby FF stuff and I really appreciated it more. I recommend reading some older, goofier FF stuff before you go see it, it makes it a better movie for sure. Still, Doom was a waste, I decided that what he really needed was some kind of mouth, like Bender has on Futurama, not a real mouth, but a series of lines that allow him to have some sort of expression, maybe like Kitt on Knight Rider. I can hear William Daniels saying "Richaaaaaards!!!!!!" That would have ruled.

Finding Neverland

Did I already talk about this? I'm not sure. Man, this is one swell movie. There's a tad too much tugging on the ol heart strings towards the end, but other than that it's brilliant. Depp is as good as he ever is (which means he's brilliant) and Winslett has probably the best performance of her career here, but I've gotta say the kids are the movies real attractions. The scenes which feature them are hands down the best in the movie and I'm sure Depp's work with Freddie Highmore here led to his casting in Charlie. I highly recommend everyone checking this out, it's an excellent film for young and old.

In Good Company

What do you think this movie is about? Because, I thought it was about a man's younger boss falling for his daughter. Well, it's not. It's Dennis Quaid's movie through and through, giving us a glimpse at the struggle of an aging man making a living in a modern world. It's a wonderful movie in that aspect, seeing things us of a younger generation pretty much hold as concrete law viewed through the eyes of a man who's been there since the beginning. Topher Grace is typical, he always seems to play the same character, and Scarlett is as gorgeous as ever. This probably won't be an enjoyable view for the teens looking for a date film, but for anyone who feels like the world's passing them by, I definitely suggest picking it up.

Crooked Lines

Not a great movie, but the performances by Ben Stiller pals like Colin Quinn and Jim Bruer (also by Quinn buddies Mario Cantone and Burt Young, and a few of his Mickey Blue Eyes cohorts show up as well) makes it an enjoyable watch regardless. The production is as low budget as these movies get, and the story is sort of been-there-done-that (crooks take on a job, turn out to be idiots, bungle the job, things turn out okay in the end), and the dialogue is jumpy, but the laughs are there. If you're a fan of any of those guys I'd say check this out, but if not, might not be your cup of tea.

Lady Death

Don't ask me why I have this, I honestly couldn't tell you. It's better than the comics that spawned it, and prettier looking too, but there's plenty of T&A to be had. It's done anime style by ADV films and I guess it's no worse than any of the other crapanime movies that make it to shelves (as opposed to actual good ones, like Steamboy, or so I've heard), but it's still a crap movie. So, avoid at all costs.

I think that's all I've checked out lately.


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