Sunday, July 31, 2005

Did You Get That Thing I Sent You?

Adult Swim has started airing new Harvey Birdman episodes intheir Sunday night line-up, anyone who stays up past 11 pm, I recommend you check them out, it's one of the funniest shows on TV. Oh, and Brak is Back, so's Space Ghost! YES!

Speaking of TV, has anyone else seen the "new" trailer for The Skeleton Key? When a studio hijacks a trailer to personally hype a movie before it comes out, well, it doesn't really bode well for the movie does it? I loved Kate Hudson after Almost Famous but she really took her career in the wrong direction. The movie looksawful by the way.

Saw a few more trailers in the last few days as well, among them Barnyard, The Chumscrubber, Mirrormask, Waiting, Pretty Persuasion, and Broken Flowers. All of them look enjoyable for one reason or another, but Mirrormask directed by illustrator Dave McKean has me psyched. I love his art and I can only imagine how fantastically bizaare a film by him is going to be. Waiting looks to be a funny, Clerks-ish movie, and I really enjoy anything with Ryan Reynolds, and Broken Flowers is another Bill Murray/Jim Jaramusch movie, so that should be great. Chumscrubber just looks interesting, and well, I'm a straight guy, so my interest in Pretty Persuasion should be obvious after you watch the preview...

There's a 10th planet? If it took this long to find it must be hella-far away.

Do you know the ratings system? I agree that a system that works is/was desperately needed, but what this ultimately seems to be is Wertham's attacks on comic all over again. Did you know that since the GTA games started coming out violent crime is down? No, kids shouldn't be playing GTA, but where the hell does a kid get $50 to buy it to begin with? Why can't parents start, I dunno, PARENTING their kids?

Wizard World ATL may be a no-go. That really freaking sucks. I'm glad Heroescon won't get shafted, but I'm getting shafted. I can't afford to go to Heroescon, but I CAN afford the two hour drive to ATL. Dammit.

Larry Young knows what happens in Spidey 3.

Vampire comic Damn Nation has been optioned for a film.

Season 2 of Scrubs will hit in November. This is excellent news!

Also coming soon: The Electric Company, Gallagher, The Legend of Zelda.

Kevin Spacey definitely LOOKS the part of Luthor.

This looks interesting. Bout time we got a book with bugs in it.

Best Marvel Cover Ever.

The Comics Reporter remembers Jim Aparo.

Re-live the week of Kobra! (AKA Kobra Week) Kobra does rule.

Added some stuff to the sidebar, mainly Roger Green's blog. Check it out.

Finally, Neil Simon's brother, Danny has passed away. He was 87. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


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