Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday/Monday Links

Well, the convention was kind of a bust (mainly because my list of comics--which I'd also been milling through to sort out the one I no longer need/want--is pretty much gone, the disc it was on is corrupt, and my backup is so out of date it's not funny), I did get a few good things though, but mostly just 50-cent bin diving (which is only fun for like an hour) and trying to stay out other fanboys way, cuz man do they get pissed when you look too slow.

The best find? Cerebus Book 1 for $4. $4!!!!!!!

I'll be writing a bit more about the trip in the next LOOSE STAPLES, I'll keep you posted!

So, I figured I throw some links out there then get some reading done.

First, make sure you stop by Roger Green's blog. His Jeopardy pieces are excellent! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one.

Happy (belated) anniversery to Laura! Careful, she's got some Harry Potter spoilers lurking about, but no news on who died, since I don't read the books I guess I'll find out when the film eventually gets made!

Ian is audioblogging San Diego, I'm debating on if I want to hear them, but only because no one ever sounds like I think they might.

The Spurg interviews The Superstar. Good stuff.

Leave it to Fred Hembeck to have me doubting my thoughts on the FF film. I'll have to give it another look now!

This looks promising as hell. DJ Danger Mouse did one hell of a job with the unreleased Grey Album, I loved it, I know nothing of MF Doom though, but I'll be checking it (and him) out.

Check Shane out, love those old letters pages!

So, this is what that new Potter book is about? Sweet!

Tom competantly sums up JLU, I didn't know it was the finale, but damn was it ever good!

Despite the fact that he's plain WRONG about Starship Troopers, Augie has lead me to two kick ass sites lately, here and here, so I forgive him.

And finally, Mick Martin bids us farewell. That makes this a bittersweet day at best. I certainly wish Mick the best of luck, and while his blog hasn't been a frequently updated site, it's been one of the most enjoyable ones. I really enjoyed his retro reviews. His Star Trek/Star Wars piece was one of the funniest things I've EVER read, and while I ultimitely enjoyed Episode III, his take was both accurate and funny. His blog archives are well worth perusing, so I recommend everyone go over to Mick's place and check out one of the best and funniest writers the blog-o-whatever has had. Mick, you're a helluva guy, you'll be missed, hope you come back soon!


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