Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Listing the Fantastic

Celebrating Orgasm: Women's Private Self Loving

I find this extremely interesting. You'll never see a male version of this, because I suppose men somehow have the means to this in their DNA (actualy, no supposing we DO), but women, I can only assume, do not. I find it very weird, in a funny kind of way

Fantastic Four - The Complete Animated Series

This is the newer of the series'. I guess we can thank God that it's not the HERBIE series.

Hide and Seek (Widescreen Edition)

Here, let me save you the trouble, HE DID IT. There, now you don't have to see it. Yes, I'm an ass, I know.

Major League Baseball - MLB Superstars Show You Their Game

Why would anyone buy a DVD that demonstrated how to inject steroids?

Mermaid Forest - Quest for Death (Vol. 1)

...isn't that, like, impossible?

Mindful Masturbation for Men

Well, looks like I was wrong. Are there guys out there that need this? Geez...

Monk - Season Three

Monk rules.

Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles - The Complete Campaigns

I really wouldn't mind having this.

Well, that was a short list. If I could get my hands on 70 bucks I'd have the FF and STC DVDs!


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