Monday, March 15, 2004

The continuing saga of reading Swamp Thing

After losing alot of interest when rereading John Constantine's intro into the DCU, I finally convinced myself to try and finish up the book. I still have one more (or is that Moore?) trade to read after this one, so last night I started to finish The Curse TPB. Funny enough, the story that came next was The Curse, about a woman who changes into a wolf to avenge herself after suffering (mentally at least) at the hands of her husband. Honestly, it's never interested me, and it still didn't. It's not a bad story, but it's definitely not one on Moore's better ST stories. However, the next story, Southern Change, is one of my favorites.

It's strange and haunting, and feels like an actual horror story. I haven't really sat down and tried to formulate any precise thoughts about it, but it is a great story, probably the best in this TPB. Unfortunately I didn't finish it, but I will tonight. I do want to point out this particular line:

Abby is talking to Swamp Thing about a new television show, set during the time of the plantations. Alot of locals are being cast as extras, as slaves-

"So, like, all these descendants of liberated slaves are earning good money by becoming slaves again! Is that funny or sad?"

ST's response:

"It's human."

This is great writing. Anyone who doesn't think so is an idiot. That includes Mr. John Byrne (who's reuniting on JLA with Claremont isn't quite the disaster I said it would be, according to ADD). So, John Byrne, you're still a putz, congratulations.


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