Monday, March 15, 2004

Monday, Monday

Since I've nothing important to add to the world today, I'll direct you to a few people that just might.

Okay, so maybe comic book reviews aren't really that important, but how the hell else am I going to know what to read?

My first stop this afternoon was Cinescape. While Hollywood seems to have taken the day off, my second favorite reviewer takes a look at the new She-Hulk #1. Tony points out both the good and the bad, and gives it a B+, which means I might have to give it a look. Especially since I convinced him to pick up Thanos.

Next up was ADD, whose email alerts come in handy, letting those on the list know when his blog is updated. While Tony only got the one issue under his belt, alan goes on to grade a whopping amount of books. Some of which I've been meaning to pick up.

So, if you're looking for suggestions, here's one: Check out both of those, the links are on the right.

Also, Alan has a good number of graphic novels he's looking to sell, quickly. If he bought them, they're more than likely excellent, so send him your bid, maybe you'll win. Good luck with that Alan, and if it wasn't for those damn tires I had to buy last week, I'd be right there participating.


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