Friday, March 19, 2004


To appease the apparently growing masses, I'm going to actually talk about comic books. Imagine that.

Fused #3 $2.99

While ADD didn't care for this issue as much as previous ones, I loved it. It's funny, sad, action-packed, and the art looked better than ever. Of course, the last part could just be me finally learning to like the art...not that I ever disliked it, just that it didn't seem to suit the story. Theonly thing I didn't like was Cro-Mag. The character in general seems a lame attempt at a villian. Uninspired and unoriginal. However, Mark's reaction to him was great, cheesy comic book fun.

Thanos #8 $2.99

A difficult book to grasp, but if you have a knowledg of the Marvel Cosmos, one that's well worth your time. Giffen's writing is funny and smart, and Lim's art is always great. Giffen proves himself and his knowledge of the Marvel U and leaves us wanting more...that is if we understand what it is we're seeing to begin with.

New X-Men #154 $2.25


Yeah, that's pretty much what it feels like. Disappointing to say the least.

I also picked up FF and New Frontier...more of the FF in the next post.


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