Thursday, March 04, 2004

Thoughts and links

Here's what I picked up this week:

Thanos #7 $2.99

For reasons I cannot seem to discover (short of "irreconcilible differences") Jim Starlin is off this book. I'm tempted to drop it in protest, but the replacement team of Keith Giffen and Ron Lim is a promising one indeed. Giffen is no stranger to cosmic characters, and Ron Lim is perfectly suited to illustrate the adventure of the Mad titan, and has done so very often in the past. This issue has Thanos travelling to Frontline to enter some sort of prison world. There he has a brief encounter with his old flame, Death. The issue's somewhat confusing, but then again, Starlin could confuse the hell out of you, so I'm going along with it for now. Hopefully it'll lead somewhere interesting, and things will start to make sense further down the line. Starlin's cover was a nice treat, and it's ashame that he's left the book. I hope Giffen continues to take the character in the same direction, as I was really looking forward to Thanos' turn to the good.

Y, The Last Man #20 $2.99

My favorite monthly read, this issue wraps up the "Safeword" story arc, where in Yorick meets someone who happens to be a bondage expert. The ending was quite the surprise, answering a ton of questions. We find out this new characters intentions for torturing Yorick, discover exactly what happened to the man himself in those first days after the plague, and in the end are given a completely new mystery. This book moves slow, but it never disappoints. I can't wait to see what's next.

Supreme Power #8 $2.99

Straz continues to slowly unfold the plot, as nothing much happens in this issue. In the first few pages we are treated to Hyperion's first meeting with the man that I'll assume will become Dr. Spectrum. Their ensuing battle is great, but only because of Gary Franks art. That guy is just amazing. We are left with another cliffhanger ending, which leads us to believe that Hyperion has finally lost it. Much like Y, this book moves too slow sometimes, but when the pieces do come together it's very exciting.

Lone #2 $2.99

I liked #1 enough to go ahead and pick this up, and enjoyed it as much as the first issue. The mystery of Lone continues to unfold, as does the mystery of who's controlling the zombies that have taken over Luke's town. A fun read, and the art really does grow on you.

Other than my continuing re-read of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, that's all I've had the chance to dive into.

As for the "links" part, I've added two new ones to the right of the page. The Cinescape link is always worth checking out, especially if you're bored, there's always interesting articles to peruse, and the other is a link to ADD's new forum, feel free to drop by and say hi.


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