Friday, May 13, 2005

About Damn Time

No internet access for a few days left me with plenty of time to kill. I noted to ADD earlier that I'm amazed at how much time I spend on my computer. Also, I get simultaneously sad and pissed when I can't get online. I really should spend more time away from this infernal machine.

Did I? Not really. With all that extra time I basically did nothing. I looked at my computer desk and said "I should rearrange everything in my room". So, I did. I thought it would be a simple task, but it wasnt. I'm still not finished, but the grunt work is done, and it took me well over six hours in the last two days to do it. It also makes me want to get rid of these damn action figures that are threatening to come alive and kill me. But, I've got a baby brother on the way, and that should take care of that, at least my dad won't have to buy him very many toys.

They decided on a name as well, Avi Craddock Polk. Craddock was my grandmothers name, and since the kid was concieved around the time of her death I think it's a lovely tribute, I just wish it were a better name. I got saddled with Gabriel and hated it for most of my life, mainly because teachers always assumed it was the female pronunciation, Gabrielle. You'd think you had to be smarter to teach high school, turns out that's not true, at least not in the south. I'm rambling... Avi is because my dad is in love with those two Spider-Man flick and think Avi Arad practically hung the moon. While he doesn't read comics, you slap Spidey, Venom or Ghost Rider in or on something and he just friggin loves it. Go figure.

So, I just spent the better part of two hours catching up on all I've missed. Turns out it wasn't alot, but there were some crucial developments that happened that I couldn't immediately respond to or discuss. I'll inform more when I know more, but there may be a promising new adventure coming my way.

I missed out on posting the week's DVD's, but i'm sure you all managed. There's a new Special Edition version of 12 Monkeys out, circuit City has it for the low, low price of $7.50. It's got a commentrak by Terry Gilliam. That rocks my socks. I also bought The Life Aquatic, which makes me one DVD shy of a Wes Anderson collection, but I can't afford the $35 for the Criterion DVD of Rushmore right now, and I'm not buying the regular edition, even if it was $10.

I also bought and watched Fargo, a movie I've tried to watch several times but always fell asleep. I'll get around to "reviewing" that, along with some Mixed Bag stuff tomorrow.

I was going to talk some TV, but after watching Smallville last night I just can't muster the desire. God did that episode ever suck. What the hell was the point of Lana opening the bag with the rock? I'm too busy scratching my head at this show lately to really like it. I'm glad the finale is next wekk, it'll give me time to miss it and forget how much I'm not liking it.

For now though, I have to finish the job I began two days ago. Wish me luck.


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