Monday, May 16, 2005

More Zissou

Nik posted a comment which prompted me to check out his site (why oh why isn't it on my links yet? I dunno, but there's a lot of sites coming to the side bar soon, I swear...), so, yeah, Nik talks about The Life Aquatic in one of his more recent posts and a previous one as well.

I agree with him on pretty much everything (big surprise, I know), and I never tire of Anderson's seeming endless eye for visual and audio detail. He's so aware of the frame and what it can hold and crams so much into it that you HAVE to watch the movie(s) again and again to catch everything.

I have to echo what he says about the "comedy" as well. It's so deadpan and quick witted at times that it's not really comedy until the moment has passed (ex: "Steve, have you come to rescue me? :::pause::: "I fold."), when your brain finally registers what just happened. And no, it may not be a perfect movie, but damn does it ever come close. I forgot to mention Seu Jorge's singing Bowie tunes in my original post, and so, yes, they are beautifully haunting and so well timed, never interrupting the flow of the film.

Plus, there's highjackers.

"Out here we call them pirates."

Oh, sorry Steve, I mean pirates.

EDIT: Fitting that as soon as I link to him he goes on vacation. Life is so funny.



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