Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Hey. Wonder Woman. How you doin'?"

I've been lax in my link blogging duties lately. Apologies to everyone.

CBG is having another contest. This time it's for some Crumb comics. Go, enter, you know you want to.

I finally discovered the joy that is Dave's Long Box, which is where the above quote comes from. It falls in the "dammit I wish I'd done that!" realm of blogging. VERY enjoyable, and I have to limit myself on visiting there because I get wrapped up reading the posts for hours.

There's also some new links added to the sidebar. I urge to visit all of them daily anyway, but take a gander at some of the new ones at least.

It's Wednesday, which means a new Permanent Damage. Steven Grant never disappoints, and I look forward to reading his column more than I do visiting my LCS.

Lefty's got the rules up for the next round of Mixed Bag. If you're interested in signing up there's a few spots open. It's a great experiment.

On the review front I'll be posting a few things here shortly. My desire to read good comics has been overwhelmed of late by my love of Star Wars. Expect at least one review later tonight. Maybe more.

In other Star Wars talk: Why are people so upset about the outside promotions, such as the M&M's, Pepsi, 7-11 and Burger King ones? Movie tie-ins are not new, and the fact that companies would want to jump on the bandwagon of what's sure to be the movie event of the year is a no-brainer. Plus, they're funny as all hell. The Vader/King showdown is brilliant marketing and the "I am your father! I am your cousin!" is even funnier.

I bought the Mr. Potato Head Vader recently, and I have to say it cracks me up, can't wait to give it to my newborn baby brother.

Also, I'd forgotten about the dance number at Jabba's place in Jedi. Stupid, that's another scene that we could surely do without, so that makes three I think. That scene where Luke catches his light saber on the skiff still makes me smile. Mark Hamill ruled as the dark jedi.

Via Tom Spurgeon, my X-Mas present. Also, his Top 10 Reasons for not seeing Episode III. I agree about explaining The Force. It was a dumb move, but not the dumbest. Making Anakin out to be the anti-christ (virgin mother, what?) is just weird.

Chris Allen nails down why Grey's Anatomy is a waste of my time. Bleh.

RIP Frank Gorshin, via JB. His last film also stars the fairly recently passed Rodney Dangerfield as well as reuniting him with Adam West. I hope it comes out soon.

Why Rob Vollmar is The Man: Q: "What song would you say sums you up?" A: "You're So Vain. I think it's about me."


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