Monday, May 02, 2005

A Little Luck Comes My Way

My car is fixed, and it cost me absolutely zilch, thanks to a little hard work on the part of a good friend. Turns out that there was no clog in the radiator, but that somehow a pocket of air had gotten into it, quite a big one apparently, so instead of sucking water, it was sucking air. By flushing out the system the problem was fixed and cost me not one dime. So, knock on wood, I finally caught a break, actually, that would be two in two weeks counting another incident that happened last week.

Here's the winners of the Bluesman contest:

Benjamin Fischer
Mike Thompson

So, congrats guys. As I said in my email, it may take a little while since i'm sending the books to Rob to be autographed, but they are coming!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to Rob for not only getting me the books, but agreeing to autograph them as well. I hope to be able to do this again when the next book comes out, provided my finances are stable. I wanted to have a contest in place for this month, but I haven't come up with anything to give away, so maybe I'll find a book that's deserving and launch another one next month.

I've got a few CBG obligations to finish, then it's off for some rest. Hope everyone caught Family Guy, it was pretty good, maybe I'll get into that tomorrow.


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