Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"You're Tearing me Apart!" (or The List of Things I Can't Afford)

A bit under the weather for the last few days, and unfortuantely I'm working a long day today, but here's this weeks DVD list. Go, buy!

Danger Mouse - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

Anyone else remember this show? Nick used to show it when I was around five or so. I wouldn't mind having these, but maybe i'll rent them first just to see how well they held up.

Dragon Ball Z - The Movie - Dead Zone (Uncut)

The US is finally getting some uncut DBZ releases. If I remember right, this was the first DBZ movie. Now, if only we could get some Dragonball uncut for the cheap.

The Dukes of Hazzard - The Complete Third Season

Just some good ol' boys, coicidentally coming soon to a theatre near you.

The Essential Steve McQueen Collection

The second coolest man to ever walk the earth gets his second DVD collection, included are Bullit, The Getaway, The Cincinatti Kid, Papillon, Tom Horn and N ever So Few. All available seperate as well. Bullit and Getaway are special editions too.

Home Movies - Season Two

Great, great show. This season they went from that irritating squigglevision to the Adult Swim staple, flash animation.

Make Your Own Damn Movie

From the fine folks at Troma, includes all the know-how you need to make a Troma-quality product.

Moonlighting - Seasons 1 & 2

I'll pass, but I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who remember this show fondly. I was never a Shepheard fan, and i prefer my Willis a bit more macho.

Roger Ramjet - Hero of Our Nation (Deluxe Collector's Edition)

See, I'm telling you, p-o-r-n-o.

Underdog Boxed Set (Collector's Edition/Chronicles/Nemesis)

SEE!!!!!! Mabe I'm just getting perverted in my old age...

The Complete James Dean Collection

Includes East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, special editions all, and all available seperately. And for the record, this is the coolest man to ever walk the face of the Earth.


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