Friday, May 06, 2005

Does Not Compute

I just fixed a few blogged errors, including a place where I called Olive from CCE Violet. Odd.

I also just finished a massive review of Marvel's Power Pack #1-2.And, while I was a tad prechy in it, I could have been infinitely more so. It really pisses me off that Marvel has a book that could very well grab them some new readership with kids, but they market it with a $2.99 price tag and it's doubtful you'll ever see anything about it outside of in-house promotions. This book is damn good, Sumerak is fast becoming one of my favorite writers, but I fear in the end his efforts will be for naught. Fanboys likely won't accept this because of the lack of real continuity, and it may be as doomed as his Guardians book, which was also excellent.

So, if you're reading this, and you haven't picked this book up, do it. Even if you don't enjoy it there's sure to be a youngster nearby who will. Support a good book for once, the X-Men and Spider-Man, even the Avengers can wait until next week. buy this book. NOW!


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