Friday, May 13, 2005

More Mixed Bag Fun

As Uncool as You Thought it Would Be!- Greg's Mix

You can find the proper track listing as well as some thoughts behind them right under that first entry, for some reason I can't link directly to the post...

Okay, Greg start's his mix with P Control by Prince. That makes it not work safe, but it's a hell of a way to open a mix CD. There's not much I can say about Prince, I like him, you may not.

Track 2 is the Indigo Girls song Come on Home. I liked it very much, very weird track to have behind that particular Prince song, seeing as how this feels like a woman putting up with a crazy man, where P Control is about woman empowerment and doing things on your own terms. It works surprisingly well. I think this may be my first taste of the Indigo Girls. It won't be the last.

In the #3 spot is one of my favorite songs on the disc-The Truth by Steve Earle. It's a prison blues song sung in a folksy way. I liked it ALOT, particularly this line "He's no less a prisoner cuz he holds a key", and this one "Admit what scares you is the me in you." I've never heard anything by Earle, I'll have to track some stuff down now.

Theres a few Marillon tracks on the disc. I don't know Marillon, but the first track by them, Genie, wasn't really my thing. Not bad mind you, just not my thing. I'm sure this will upset Greg, as he seems to love them.

Track four (Let's Get Lifted) is John Legend, a guy who seems to be all over the place lately. It's kind of hip-hop R&B, which, like country, is always something I'm weary of. But, this was a fun song, nice beat, Legend is a great singer and I'm considering getting his album after hearing this.

Coming in fifth is more Indigo Girls, this time it's Tether. It's kind of political, but really emotional and very well done. Again, I must be checking out more of these gals.

The choice to follow that with a hard song had me scratching my head a bit. But, I guess it works as a contrast. Track six is Streetwalkin' Cheetahs singin White Collar Money. I didn't like this song the first time I heard it. I'm now successfully brainwashed and friggin love it.

Gay cowboy trucker love songs? You got it! Track seven is Papa Was a Rodeo by Magentic Fields. This song was so good even the most narrow minded hate mongers woud love it. Seriously. It rocked.

Next was more Marillon, again, not really my thing. I liked this tune (You're Gone) more than that first one, but it just didn't grab a hold of me.

More Steve Earle is a good thing, this time it's You're Still Standing There with Lucinda Williams. I'm buying some Steve Earle very, very soon. BUT! I didn't like Lucinda's singing. She just sounded like an idiot with that awful twang in her voice. Just me I guess.

A band called Liquid Jesus comes in at #11 with their song Better or Worse. This song is the shit. I take back what I said, I forgot how much I loved this tune. This is the best song on the disc. Liquid Jesus now rocks my world.

Never heard of the Pogues, but this song (Streams of Whiskey) was really fun. Makes me want to get drunk.

Every white male even slightly emersed in geek culture knows the words "Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta" sung by the Getto Boys. Why? Because Office Space kicks ass, and this song was so appropriate for the scene it was used in. Good place for it on the disc too. Damn it, now I want to see Office Space.

Not a PJ Harvey fan, so I didn't really like this song. Just not my thing

What's a mix CD without ABBA? Some might say a good one, but I like ABBA okay. The tune, When All is Said and Done, isn't one of my favs, but it works well.

The last track is morew Marillon, this time a 12 minute song titled Neverland. Again, not really my thing, but okay enough to end a CD with.

All in all a great mix, despite the, what, fours songs? I didn't really get into, I enjoyed the hell out of this one. I'm so going to buy some Steve Earle this weekend.


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