Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cuttin' To the Chase

As much as I want to really dig in and review the rest of the Mixed Bag CDs, I'm worried I won't get it done before I start getting more discs in the mail! So, to try and remedy that, I'm going to tackle the few remaining in short spurts, and hopefully I'll have 'em done in the next few days.

So, here goes-

The Progressive Ruin Mix CD of Love

Mike's mix is...odd, to say the least. That doesn't mean bad, and in fact, the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. The highlights include 99 Reb Balloons by 7 Seconds, She Likes Girls by Celtic Elvis (I must hear more from these guys), Kiss by Age of Chance, By the Light of the Silvery Moon by LMP, Johnny Q by Crazy 8s, and Communist Love Song by Soltero. In the "so weird you have to enjoy it" department there's The Effects of Weightlessness in Space by The Deadly Nightshade Family Singers, Video Game Heart by All Girl Summer Fun Band, Organism by Honest Bob & The Factory-to-Dealer Incintives, How Much About Last Night Do You Remember? by Young Fresh Fellows, and Stairway to Heaven by Dixie Power Trio. In the "liked it well enough group" there's You Make Me Feel Cheap by Channel 3, LA (La Land) by Ookla the Mok, You're the Best by Joe Esposito, and Don't Bring Me Down by J Church. The rest (Bad News From the Stars by Stereo Total, Bad Party by The Tan, Science Fiction by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Take the Regins by Tsunami Bomb, I'm So Tired by Phooey, Nevermind the Mollusk by Disintegrated Einstein, He's a Flyguy by Curtis Mayfield w/Fishbone, Shiver Me Timbers by Victor Bannana and I'm a Little Weenie by Dick Two Ton Baker.) I can take or leave. I do like the various movie bits Mike threw into the disc, starting with a line from Animal House, gotta love it, but the topper is the Marvel Bullpen recording that features almost all of Marvel's greatest creators. I had a geek-asm when I heard it.

Next is the In One Ear Mix Vol.1- Baby Flies a Comet.

Thom wins the award for hardest amount of work put into a CD. Geeze man, you really shouldn't have gone to so much trouble, but hey, it looks friggin fantastic!

Looking at the track listing I was positive I was going to be disappointed in this disc. Boy am I stupid. The highlights: The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails, Baby Flies a Comet by LS Underground, Aching Heart by Cush, Like Titanic by Damien Jurado & Gathered in Song, Hey Man (Now you're Really Living) & Can't Help Falling in Love by Eels, Black Math by the White Stripes, Give Me Novacaine by Green Day, When You Say Love by Over the Rhine, We Give We Take by The Choir, What a Wonderful World by Joey Ramone, and Black Betty by Spiderbait (my favorite song from any of the discs, man it sounds fnatastic, and it wakes me up). The rest of the songs fall into the "definitely enjoyable, but not fantastic" group. Next to Dorian's, Thom's disc is my favorite so far, even though there were a few songs on Dorians I wasn't really into. For Thom's complete track listing go here, you may have to do a little scrolling.

The last disc for today is Scott's Songs For the Cynical and Sinful.

Highlights include: Wave on Wave by Pat Green, The Captain by Casey Chambers, Eurotrash Girl by Cracker, Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner by Warren Zevon, Speed by Montgomery Gentry, The Boxer by Carbon Leaf, The Might Quinn by Manfred Mann, Angry All the Time by Bruce Robinson, Lady Stardust by David Bowie, Virus of the Mind by Heather Nova, When You Say Nothing at All by Alison Krauss, Fight Test by The Flaming Lips and Barbie Doll by Jack Ingram. The rest (My Old School by Steely Dan, Anastasia Says by Darling Violetta, and Past the Mission by Tori Amos) I can do without. Not too shabby, only three songs i didn't take to, but I do listen to them when I spin the disc. Scott's is pretty high for me on re-listen-ability, or whatever.

So, yeah, I hope to have these wrapped up in the next few days, so hang in there.


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