Monday, May 02, 2005

The Return of Family Guy

If you didn't like the show already, then this wouldn't have changed your mind. But, if you're a fan, it was nice to have a new episode. I had my doubts that they could write something as remotely entertaining as the worst episodes from the previous seasons; there had just been too much time since it had been on the air and I was afraid that those older episodes were so enjoyable simply because they were swinging for the fences everytime. When a show becomes stable it begins to drown in its own waste, much like Friends or Frasier did. It's often the most short-lived shows that are the best, because every episode could be their last, like Freaks and Geeks, Wonderfalls, Clerks, and to some degree Futurama, and so many more.

So, yes, the new Family Guy was as good as most of the episodes from the previous seasons. Pop culture references abound, as do geeky ones, Stewie was at his evil best, and Peter is still dumb as dirt. I do think Meg and Chris felt off, perhaps because those characters were never very solid to begin with. Long time fans should have been happy to see the return of the monkey in the closet, I know it made me laugh. Overall a good, fresh start for the new season. I do think the jabs at Mel Gibson are a little behind the times, but it's not as if it were a subject they had already touched on, so it's still funny to them. Here's hoping it lasts for a good long while and not just 13 episodes.

Oh, and Man-Thing pretty much sucked. I'd like to see the R-rated version before I just dump all over it, so I'll end up buying it (which I'd do regardless, simply because it's based on a comic book). It was at least as good as Catwoman though, if that puts it into any context.


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