Friday, August 27, 2004

And now, for something completely different...

Well, not really.

Superpatriot: War on Terror #1 $2.99

Creative Team: Robert Kirkman, E.J. Su, with colors by Dash Martin, and letters by Rus Wooton

What's it about? Simply, a day in the life of a superhero.

This issue: John (that's be the Superpatriot) takes care of some baddie while attempting to rent some movies, mourns the loss of his children, spends some "quality" time with his wife, takes care of Hitler's brain yet again. Oh, and the hilarious return of an old villian.

Why you should be reading it: Kirkman's script is great, mixing touching moments, action, and comedy without a hitch, and Su's art fits the character nicely. I've always been a huge fan of the Patriot's, but I haven't followed Savage Dragon in some time, so I occasionally miss out of what he's up to. Still, I've enjoyed these occasional mini's, especially these last two, both by Kirkman. It's standard superhero far for the most part, nothing new, but it's still good fun. So, if you're looking for something brilliant, keep looking, but for fans of things like Savage Dragon, Invincible, or Capes, give this a look.

Unfortunately that might be it for today folks, unless something catches my eye, and I just have to talk about it.


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