Monday, August 16, 2004

Where do the Days Go

Beats me. There's been alot happening lately, which is always my excuse, but it's true. Reading has been slow, the Madbomb TPB is still on my reading list along with alot of other things, but it's proving a daunting task to finish.

Along with myself there's been alot going on in this great Al Gore invention we call the internet.

CBG is in a bit of a bind, so the fine folks over there are asking for donations in some form or fashion. You can make donations directly or you can help them out by clicking the link to Lonestar Comics and buying some swag. I've already bought some stuff from the site, which proved to be really user friendly and they had a ton of stuff I was looking for.

I'm planning on donating directly, however I'm banned from Paypal (very long story, maybe I'll tell it one day) and so I'll have to get with alan directly. In fact, Alan, if you're reading this go ahead and email me so I don't forget. Lately it's been hardto remember where I live. (That's a joke folks.)

Alan also has Ten Essential Graphic Novels, which I found surprising. I easily guessed #1, but aside from the inclusion of Born Again the rest of the list was a surprise. He also has a past post on Masters and Masterworks which proved equally surprising, though having followed his "career" for such a long time, it was far morepredictable. Not that lists like this should be unpredictable.

Still, CBG is probably the most important Comic Book Site on the net, and it would most assuredly be ashame to see it fall again. Consider my thirty bucks donated...just don't forget to remind me to do it.

Don't believe me about how bad my memory has been? I've been off on Mondays for over a yeasr, which means sleeping in. I got up and got dressed for work today. Sigh...

Other stuff happening....

Mike has a look at a Richy Rich comic, something he's been doing alot lately. Still, the comparison to an issue of Watchmen has to be seen.

Another weird comparison was found over at Neilalien's blog, and you'll have to scroll down a bit. It's a Mutts comic strip panel compared to a Doc Strange panel. What else would you expect from Neil?

Cinescape has a few interesting articles, including a AvP review that's far better than mine. (Honestly my reviewing has been horrible lately, but time just hasn't been on my side.) There's also a rumor about Jude Law and Watchmen that has me excited.

Both Tom the Dog and Johnny Bacardi have been on hiatus, but Tom should be back Tuesday. It's a great little slice of Pop Culture blogging, and he's fast becoming one of my first stops of the day.

Buddy Patch is also on hiatus, but I'm probably the only one reading his blog...right?

Speaking of buddies, happy belated birthday to Dino, who's currently working on his first film. Can't wait to see it...and where are my Spider-Man VCD's?!?!?!?!? Oh, and the lucky bastard lives near Chicago, so guess who went to a convention?

On the DVD side of life...I'm still making my way thru my collection. This past week I finished off Auto Focus in its DVD entireity. I'm finding that alot of movies, when put into perspective by their creators, seem to become that much better. I liked this movie the first time I watched it, but after three more viewings (all with a commentary track) I'm beginning to think it's one of the most interesting looks at life and how it can get completely out of control. May not sound like much, but anyone who knows the story of Bob Crane will testify that his life was truly a roller coater of a ride. The DVD brings you further into it and makes no judgement calls about his murder or his lifestyle. Well worth your time, but not one for the whole family.

My Alien filmfest proved fruitful, especially Alien 3, where I discover the extended cut of the film for the first time. It made the most underrated film of the franchise that much better. I won't spoil it for anyone else, but it's something that needs to be seen, if you're a fan or if you're not.

As for TV, my watching has declined lately, with Adult Swim taking up the most time. The Venture Bros. has become a new favorite, and it's only a few episodesinto the series. For fans of old Jonny Quest toons it's a must see. I laughed for ten minutes...the whole length of the show.

There's plenty of other stuff keeping me occupied, but most of it is life. I'll post a DVD update tomorrow, and maybe have some reviews, hopefully I'll finish Madbomb soon.

Until then I leave you with this:

I stayed out of the Jack Black Green Lantern rumor mill/fanboy bitch fest that went on for a few months, but here's a thought I had, seeing as how Mr. Black has said he's not doing the flik...or not yet.

How about a John Stewart GL movie? Honestly. It's been said by plenty that GL isn't exactly a film that should be taken seriously, so why not? Will Smith fits the bill in almost every fashion for a role like this. He's done just about every type of film that would make him a prime candidate. He's certainly got drawing power. Unlike Batman, or Spidey, a GL movie won't sell on name alone, and with a studio like WB it's going to need star power to get audiences. Sorry, Warners, Halle doesn't really speak to the kids, but Smith would, and with a decent script and a half decent director, it could turn out to be huge.

So, yeah, that's my idea, and I think it's a damn good one.


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