Saturday, August 28, 2004

Because one of you demanded it!

And someone else said "Why not?"

I just put up my first entry in my new Original Fiction Blog. The story is called "Last Stand," and as I said before, it's a western. I'm gonna try and make it into a serial type of thing, with maybe one small post a week, sometimes two if the mood strikes me right I suppose, or if people actually read it.

If you enjoy my blog at all, do me a favor and at least stop by. Comments would be greatly appreciated, be they good or bad.

I've got a ton of stuff percolating in my brain, including a few movies, and some old comics. Most especially, Alien 3, and The P.I.'s mini from First Comics. So, check back tomorrow for an actual post, and if you're bored, just click on the link to the right, the one that says "Last Stand."


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