Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Even More Review Type Things

I'm on a roll today.

30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow #6 $3.99

Final issue of the series. I won't spoil the somewhat surprise ending for anyone. I'll just keep saying what I've said before. It's beautifully horrifying, and one of the best books currently occupying rack space.

Caper #11 $2.95

I've enjoyed this run, despite what just about everyone else is saying. I've found it funny and adventurous. sure it's not gonna change the world, but it's not supposed to. Very entertaining.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #10 $2.25

Ellis might write the best FF I've ever seen. That's not saying alot, because I've never read a ton of FF book, but still, I enjoy his take on the main four better than anyone's, including Waid. However, his Doom leaves me lacking, and that's where Waid wins out. Not just on Doom, but on the series as a whole. He seems to have a better story going on than Ellis does here. Still, Ellis writes Ben and Johnny like no one I've ever seen. I was laughing out loud at the fantasti-jokes.

Guardians #3 $2.99

Still not sure why this is so damned expensive, because it would make a great read for kids. The story feels a bit forced in this issue, and it surprised me that they are actually going into space. The character interaction is great, but the aline dialogue feels stiff (but, perhaps it is supposed to). A solid read, and hopefully we won't see it cancelled before it actually gains an audience. If you plan on picking it up, keep in mind it is a kids book, not super hero flashy costumed stuff, and it's a bit over dramatic, because kids are over dramatic.

More to read, including: Venom/Carnage #2, X-Men: The End #2, Superpatriot: War on Terror #1, and WE3 #1. Also, I just got my comics from Lonestar in (pretty quick!), so I can now reread a few old incomplete series, including: The P.I.'s (Mike Mauser and Ms. Tree), Aztek: The Ultimate Man (great stuff here, everyone needs this book), and Troublemakers (I loved this book!). So, yeah, on top of everything else I've put off reading, like say, The Losers, I now have more.


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