Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It's new comics day!

Which means spending money I don't have. But, I'm damned determined to spend it either way. So, here's a look at a few things I picked up:

Loki #3 $3.50

Why oh why does Rodi suck so bad on his other books? This book is not only beautiful, thanks to the uber-talented Essad Ribic, but it reads so smoothe that you'd swear Rodi must be plagerizing someone. Well, at least after you read his other books. Yes, I didn't have many complains about the latest Identity Disc, but that book is a straight rip off from The Usual Suspects, and still it reads like half-decent, mostly bad fanfic. Don't get me started on Rogue, which was worse than most Chuck Austen stuff. But this, it's lkke night and day folks. I can only hope that Marvel has the sense to collect this. My wish would be for atruly beautiful hardcover, but I'll settle for a standard TPB. You should be buying this for the art alone, the fantastic story and dialogue are just icing on the cake.

Fantastic Four #517 $2.99

According to Dorian, FF will now be three bucks an issue. Man does that ever piss me the hell off. Why? So kids will automatically pass this up no matter what? Despite the last storyline, Waid and 'Ringo's FF has been one of the most enjoyable books Marvel has published in years. Yes, yes, 'Ringo didn't do the last round of art chores, I know. Still, the two are tailor made for this book, and the fact that this issue is leaps and bounds over the last few issues just cements that fact. Not only do the Dynamic Duo fantastically tackle somewhat of a (probably mandatory) tie-in to the big "Avengers Dissassemble" crossover, but they manage to do it without making me feel like I need to read the other books to understand what's happening. This is one of the best books on the mainstream market, and the fact that they jumped the price by seventy-five cents just goes to show me that Marvel has little faith in their talent, and expects the Zombies to pay whatever price they ask. Despite that little rant, the book's good enough, and I've got enough disposable income (I really don't, but we'll pretend like I do, okay? Okay.) that I can afford to keep buying it. Still,for three bucks an issue, once the quality drops a little, I'm out of here. If we have another fiasco of a storyline like the last one, it's adios muchachos.

Cable & Deadpool #6 $2.99

This is much better than the previous issue, and the end intrigued me enough to actually want to come back for more. The storyline was obviously stretched for the six mandatory issues needed to fill a TPB, and so all the blame cannot fall on the writer. Fabe Nic's Deadpool is one of the best ever, and his Cable isn't half bad, but between him and Liefeld they've managed to bring there characters back to status quo...from ten years ago. Still, there were alot of things in this issue dealing with Cable's past that have me interested, and the fact that Wade is now eternally tied into Nate is an interesting concept. Sort of like Marvel's version of the Odd Couple.

I also picked up Doc. Spectrum and Supreme Power, but haven't read them yet. And, no, I haven't finished the Madbomb TPB, why do you ask?

Also on the "bought" list for today were a few DVD's via my local video store, Movie Gallery. The Buttefly Effect, which I still think was a good flik, despite what Tom the Dog believes. Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster, I think he owes Scoob and Shag three fifty (or, tree-fitty)! Seriously, I'm a Scoob-a-holic, so it was a no brainer. I've loved all the DTV Scooby movies so far, so hopefully this won't disappoint. Finally, Against the Ropes, Meg Ryan's boxing movie. It's sports, and based on a true story, so I'm there. I'm not sold on the stars, but the supporting cast includes some of my favorite lower tier actors: Tony Shaloub, Tim Daly, and Charles S. Dutton.

Oh, and if you're looking for something to keep you busy, head over to and check out Tony Whitt's interview with the creative force behind Elfquest, it's a two parter, which means waiting a week for the second half, but it's pretty good stuff. You can find it under the Comicscape column.

Elsewhere on the web, Dorian has a hilarious little two-panel exchange between Supergirl and Superman. I've never read that before, and it cracked me up, much more so than the bit with the horse. Being from Georgia, one of those "states", I think it's one of the funniest things I've read in awhile.

Still contemplating on that "idea" I had earlier, possibly more on that tomorrow. And, yes, more review type-thingies (which shall become my new name for them).



Mikester said...

Rob Rodi is a good writer, honest! If you can get your hands on What They Did to Princess Paragon, try it out.

Logan said...

I knew I knew that name from somewhere. That's a book I've been meaning to get, yet when I'm at the bookstore I always forget it. Perhaps a trip to is in order when I get paid.

I believe Rodi is a good writer, the Loki series has been absolutely amazing, and yet Identity Disc and Rogue were all but crap. I just don't understand it.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by, even at this late hour.


Mikester said...

No problem...I always visit your page. I'm just usually too lazy to comment. :)

I think Rodi is usually a good writer. His Codename Knockout was pretty good...suffering only because it was intended to be an ongoing, and not a mini.

Plus, Rodi gave us the single greatest name in comics history (Go Go Fiasco), so we should all give the man some slack!

His Loki series has been very well received around our shop...and Rogue could have been written by monkeys slamming their heads against computer keyboards, and it's still gonna sell.

Logan said...

Seems I'll have to check out Codename: Knockout, perhaps my shop has some back issues.