Tuesday, August 24, 2004

El Listo

Bad Boys 1 & 2

Depending on price, this isn't a bad combo. Both are enjoyable action fliks.

Beast Wars: Transformers - The Complete 3rd Season

Still can't really warm up to this show. I've heard it gets better in the later seasons though.

Boy Meets World: The Complete First Season

Here's an interesting show, despite not really following it, I've noticed that (in the reruns I HAVE watched) it actually progresses through the years, instead of constantly trying to recapture something that may have hooked people into watching it to begin with (see: Friends "Will they or won't they" saga that ran for a decade). The characters remain pretty much the same, yet their lives actually progress past a certain point. I'm going on waaaay too long about a show that isn't that great to begin with, but, hopefully you catch my meaning.

Ella Enchanted

Among other things, I'm a sucker for fairy tale-type movies, despite the fact that they all have to do with some sort of love story. I'm looking forward to checking this one out, despite a pile of reasons I could come up with to avoid it.

Formula 51 / Snatch

Now this is a pair of films worth owning.

Futurama Volume Four

I'm not sure if I've seen any of these episodes, which will be great once I buy the set.

The Girl Next Door

This is another release I'm hoping will exceed the limitations of its concept.

Harsh Realm: The Complete Series

Never got to watch this series, but it includes never before seen episodes for those that did.

The Munsters: The Complete First Season

Never a fan, but it's here for those that were.

Night Gallery: The Complete First Season

I've heard this was a good show, before my time I believe.

The Professional / The Big Hit

Another pair of good movies, the Professional being one of my favorites.

Purple Rain (Special Edition)

For the die-hard Prince fan. Gotta love that cheesy 80's sound.

I'll be back later with a few reviews.


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