Monday, August 23, 2004

"I've got good news!"

No, I'm not switching to Geico, but I did win something from Joe Rybandt over at CBG. Much thanks to Joe for the free swag. I do wanna say that getting free comics feels a bit like cheating to me. You're not attached to it, it just falls in your lap, and you're free to have your way with it...but then when it's friggin' fantastic you want more of it, then before you know it's costing you more money. Bah!

Still, it's free swag, and that's just cool.

Speaking of CBG, ADD has some pics up of the Kochalka party, including some of his family. For stalkers like me, it's great to get an insiders view, cuz, I'm a lazy stalker, you know. (Ummm...that's a joke people.)

Also, finished the Madbomb TPB, and will write a review up this evening, as well as fix the damn links on the right. Stupid blogger!!!!

I also watched the newest DBZ movie last nigh, Bojack Unbound. Sounds a bit S&M-ish to me, but still a damn good flik. Well, for a DBZ fan it was damn good. Everyone else might just be confused.


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