Saturday, August 14, 2004


Who wins? Seems to be the question on the minds of most of the people interested in it...well, in short, no one. The humans, however, do most certainly lose. Well, mostly.

Surprisingly this film was really enjoyable, but mostly because of low expectations. It's not Catwoman, but it's also not Aliens either. It's a damn site better than Predator 2 or Alien: Resurrection, though. Most surprising? It blends the two franchises together almost seemlessly. What I thought would be the most difficult part of the fil turned out to be easy. The action is great, and the story serves its purpose, which is a double edged blade. Like most action/horror films it has its problems (first and foremost, assuming the audience is dumb), but it still manages to entertain you, and bridge the two franchises together.

All in all a good flik, well worth the money, and the best either of the two franchises has seen since the 80's. Sorry to keep it short folks, but it has be a looooong day.


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