Monday, August 30, 2004

Happy anniversary!

CBG is having a celebration, so do yourself a favor and stop by there. They've got a crap-load of merchandise to sell, which irritates me, since I have no money right now!!!! Still they've got tons of sets going for el cheapo prices, and some of them are ever worth it. (Insert smiley face here...stupid HTML).

ADD has a review of Morrison and Quitley's new mini, We3. Needless to say he hated it. No...wait, that's right, HE FRIGGIN' LOVED IT. And rightfully so, it's probably one of the eeriest books I'm likely to ever read.

Also, and this will probably be printed at CBG as well, here's a little something I had to say about the best damn website on the planet:

CBG and Me

I literally came upon Comic Book Galaxy by sheer accident, and it wasn't even the website, it was the old Delphi Forum. Here was agroup of people who not only read my fanboy books, but were also hip to some of the smartest books on the planet. They spouted out names like Kolchalka, Los Bros. Hernandez, Chris Ware, along with names I recognized, Alan Moore, Brian Bendis, Garth Ennis, and even the likes of Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, and many other old favorites.

While I often disagreed (at the time) with some of their views, I finally felt like I'd found a home on the web. Here were people that were interested in meaningful conversations about comics, and they read books that could literally change your life, and in the very next post they'd talk about the X-men, or Spider-Man.

For someone who's always felt out of place in the fanboy world, this was a dream come true. Still, this was before I'd become hooked on ADD's blog, and hung on the words of D. Emerson Eddy (who we definitely don't hear much from these days, which is extremely sad).

Once I found the reviews, blogs, recommendations, I was hooked for life. In the few years I've "known" Alan he's influenced my buying habits more than any other single force. Thanks to him I truly discovered how vast and far comics can reach.

Not to say my mind wasn't always curious, but like most things (be they good are bad), all one needs is a push, and Mr. Doane provided that push. It was like rediscovering comics all over again, like finding there was a whole new, unexplored world out there. Well, it's been a few years since then, and my tastes have changed, which I'll forever fault Alan for, and here we are, celebrating CBG's anniversary.

It's a testament to how wonderful everyone who's been involved with Comic Book Galaxy is, that it has made it through the toughest of times, and even been resurrected from the dead, which fits right into the Comic Book World. In comics dead is never dead, even if you see the headless body.

I'd like to thank everyone at the Galaxy, both past and present contributors, for the tremendous influence it's had on my life. Hopefully we'll see it last through another five years, and if not, I'm sure we're likely to see all the names associated with it in some from or fashion.

You just cannot keep the passion these people have for comics caged for very long.

Thanks guys, best wishes,

-Logan Polk

Be back in a few with some word on a very old miniseries.


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