Wednesday, April 13, 2005

3 Steps to Enjoying Comics

It's something that's been done to death on the Net, but I don't think I've ever weighed in on the subject, and since I really have nothing else to talk about, I figured what the hell...

1.) Buy what you like. This is probably the single most important thing. If you don't like something, quit reading it. Would you finish a novel that you weren't enjoying simply because you had read the first fifty pages? No. It's the same in the world of comics. If you read an issue or two and decide you don't like it, well, don't buy it anymore. The reason there are fifteen X-Men books is because of the "collector mentality" that has a hold over the comics community, and it's total bullshit. If you really want the books, wait a few months and you can find em in quarter bins at any convention. There's no need to pay Marvel the $4 it demands for its shit on a stick simply because you've been brainwashed with this "gotta have 'em all" mentality. Vote with your dollars people.

2.) Don't be afraid to try new things. Yes, it's almost contradictory of the first step, but it's true. Do you only watch romantic comedies? Or horror films? No. And if you do, well then I'm pretty certain you're an idiot. Limiting yourself to one certain type of genre is asking for trouble. No, not everything is for everyone, but you should always be willing to try something you wouldn't normally try. As with anything, having blinders on can block out some of the best things this medium has to offer. Plus, if you quit wasting your money of those damn X-Men books, you won't even have to adjust your budget. There's a whole world of books out there waiting for you. Can't find anything at the shop? Well, there's a reason Al Gore created the internet! So you could go to, or Top Shelf's site, or AiT, or anywhere and find something new and interesting. Fanboys seem to want to live in this status quo lifestyle and have their reading material reflect that very lifestyle (I should know, I'm a recovering fanboy), so unless you want to live in stagnancy, try something new dammit!

3.) Share. I'm not sure why so many comic readers have this hording mentality, but it's not good for anyone. When you read a book or watch a movie that's great, you tell people, right? Well, why don't you tell 'em about that great comic you just read? Ashamed? Well, if you're ashamed you need to quit reading comics period. The industry needs you about as much as it needs those guys that read all the X-Men books and live in their parents basement. Leave good comics out around your house so that when friends come over they might pick one up. Take them to work and leave em on your desk so that curious co-workers will ask about them. Get a friggin' blog and tell the world how much you love them. Do something. There's nothing more satisfying than sharing a good thing.

Yeah, I'd have liked to have a huge list, but really, it's just those three things for now. Not only will you find that you enjoy your comics more, but you'll be helping the industry as well. It's like a win-win situation.


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