Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Elektric List


See, this makes it easier to avoid crap, package it together!

Elektra (Widescreen Edition)

This movie really did get a bad rap I think, it wasn't bad at all, better than Daredevil by far, and the DVD has the deleted Matt Murdock scene, so geek completists take note! (Yeah, I already bought my copy...)

The Greatest American Hero - Season Two

Listed at Amazon and nowhere else apparently...I think it may be delayed, not sure, but I enjoyed the first season, could be worth checking out, or renting via Netflix.

Outside Providence

Not a new release, but a price drop, it's worth checking out if you've never seen it, it's a Farrely movie that doesn't suck!

Queer as Folk - The Complete Fourth Season (Showtime)

Even at Amazon's $76, this is waaaay out of my price range, which is ashame because under all the crappy glitz and sex they mostly try to portray as the homosexual lifestyle (when I watched the show they made it seem more about the sex than anything, maybe it's changed somewhat?) beats the heart of a very good show with talented actors and great writers, but if I wanted to watch gay porn, I'd watch gay porn. They seems to think that by constantly showing the world that men have sex with each other that suddenly the homo-fearing people will just accept it. Hate to say it, but something like that usually has the complete opposite effect than intended. Not that Will & Grace is any better. But, hey, they're not my shows, are they.

Sideways (Widescreen Edition)

Still haven't seen it. Maybe soon.

Silverado (2 Disc Superbit Gift Set)



I hope to get around to seeing this soon as well.

That about does it. Enjoy the new Mitch quote, I'm still completely saddened by his death. He was so damned funny.


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