Sunday, April 10, 2005

From Worse to Worser

And I call myself a writer. fixed my burner drive! But, alas, still no sound or DVD capability. A friend is going to check it out for me, since this is about as far as I can seem to get without professional help. The con was kind of a crap-shoot, I'm still having issues with whatever throat problem I've contracted, as it stands now I may not have a speaking voice tomorrow. On top of that I left my car in capable hands for a tune-up today and found out my valve cover gasket is cracked, which is the reason i'm losing oil. It's both a relief and a pain. I know the problem, now I have to fix it, seems everything is breaking lately.

Comics you ask? Well, I picked up a few trades/GNs for about $7 or less which made me happy: Johnny Nemo written by Peter Milligan with some art by Steve Dillon. I've never heard of it, but I like those fellas just fine, and even if it was a bit tattered, hopefully it was worth the $2 asking price. Suicide Blonde by Chris Yambar and George Broderick Jr. (never heard of any of those names I just mention....) looks like a fun read. I skimmed the art and it looks pretty good and the story blurb was quirky enough for me to bite, and at $3, I did. Two, count them, TWO Strangers in Paradise TPBs for $5 a piece. I like the one I have read enough to give em a go. Two 100 Bullets trades, Vol. 5 &6, for $13 (that's for both, not a piece). Cla$$ War Collected Ed. collect issues #1-3. I read a review awhile back that sparked my interest, but I never bothered to track it down for whatever reason, but for $6, I'm game. Brit: Cold Death completes my collection of this book I think (Brit, Brit: Cold Death, Brit: Red, White Black and Blue. Is that all of 'em?), and at $2.50 it was a friggin steal. From there it was bin-diving time, all between 50 cents and a $1. Street Angel #1 for 50 cents! Gah! YAY!!!! I finally get to read it! More Palookaville, #'s 5&8, also for a mere two quarters. Ocean #1&2, again, fitty cent, and I'm hoping I enjoy em enough to follow the rest of the series. Sleeper #1, a series which I've yet to read any of, and i'll wait while alan punds my skull in. Through? Okay! Two random books (I love random books) named Reflux #1 and Pirate Club #1. Two issues of A Distant Soil to satisfy the Coleen Doran fix I've had since I read Reign of the Zodiac #1 (I won a set of the complete series, so someone may get a copy of #1 down the line in some comics they win). All them there books was a couple of quarter too. In the $1 dept I got Meltdown #1&2, a book I always wanted to read through. I have #3&4 and liked them for the most part, but understood little of what was happening, plus I'm a sucker for sets. The rest was just filling in gaps, except for two odd Marvel books I didn't know existed: Avengers #1 1/2, and Strange Tales: Dark Corners #1, in which Alex Maleeve illustrated a Cloak and Dagger tale by Mike Baron (two other stories are contained as well).The Avengers story is by Roger Stern and Bruce Timm, which intrigues the hell out of me. so, more later.


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