Sunday, April 24, 2005

Various things

Lots of things have kept me from posting these last few days, and I've pretty much taken care of all of them. Well, all except one.

Chris Brown is having a bit of a competion...well, that may not be the right word. anyway, a group of no more than twenty bloggers will each create a mix CD and send it to everyone else on the list. Sounds simple, yeah? Well, it's not. I'm gonna have to accurately reflect my musical taste to twenty strangers, something that may make or break any kind of respect that they may have for me. Nah, it's not THAT serious, but it is something that's difficult to pull off with any kind of success. Especially if you're tastes are as varied as mine. Ever hear Beach Boys and Wu-Tang on the same CD? It might very well happen. I'll post the list of tracks when I whittle it down to a final version.

I had some family in from out of town (Jersey & Philly) this weekend. I guess the proper term would be step-family (uncle, grandparents), but they are as close as my actual family, and I got to celebrate Passover (they're Jewish) with them last night and tonight, and it was pretty great. As someone who isn't deeply religious it's wonderful to experience bits of other cultures with an open mind, and that I was allowed to participate showed a great amount of acceptance on their part (not that they were ever unaccepting, but if you know anything about religion, you know how excluding the Christian faith can be, which is how I was raised). It was great and I hope I get to spend some more time with them soon.

Haven't done much reading lately, as with writing, it seems my head just hasn't been in it. The weather here is wacky right now which wreaks havok on my sinuses, which causes headaches like mad, so i'm hoping once it clears up I'll be a little more focused.

That's it for now, I'm off to finalize my CD tracks.


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