Sunday, April 17, 2005

What the hell is wrong with people?

The top story on the MSN homepage is "10 Men and Women who give love a bad name." At the grocery store every magazine had a Brad/Jenifer story on the cover. Isn't there anything more newsworthy than the sex lives of celebrities? There's a bill that may be passed preventing Average Joe for filing bankruptcy on credit card debt, and this is what makes the news? What the hell people. I feel like i'm still in high school sometmes, just that the damn school got bigger.

Says the man who gets his entertainment from books starring men in spandex.

Internet seems to be fine now. After I bought a friggin' $64 modem to replace the shitty one Mediacom provides. "Brand New" my ass. I had to call "customer service" to register the thing and I still had trouble, the guy on the phone says "it's your router, you should call your router customer support to fix it." What the hell? I don't pay D-Link 100 friggin' dollars a month for internet, I pay you, you tell me how to fix it. It's sad when I know more than the guy they pay to answer my questions, because I'm an idiot. I can't even get my sound to work right, but dammit, I can tell this moron what's wrong with my computer and what he needs to tell me how to do.

Watched a movie called Danny Deckchair last night. Pretty good Australian flik starring Rhys Ifans as Danny, a man who has a stupid idea about every five seconds. One of them finally works and he goes floating away when he ties too many helium baloons to his chair. He winds up in a new town and starts a new life as his old one slowly catches up to him. Worth a rent, Ifans is great as can be expected, with a few stand-out performances from the supporting cast.

I've also decided that the two greatest lines in television history can be found in episodes of Harvey Birdman, Attourney at Law. Fred Flinstone saying "You're dead to me can opener!" in The Dabba Don and Black Vulcan saying "Maybe we should just call you White Fish." in Very Personal Injury.

It's been a long horrible day, one in which I made almost no money yet found out I got a raise. I've eaten half a bag of gummi bears and now I feal "bleh". What the hell are these things made out of? I went to Chili's for dinner, ordered a bacon cheeseburger without lettuce, tomato or pickle, the guy says "Plain then?" Not thinking, I say yes, and get a damn plain hamburger. He also never refilled my drink, which meant no tip for his ass. All you waiters out there, that's like the #1 thing for me, I need something to drink when I'm eating the spicy ass burger you just brought me.

Bought two movies today: Stray Dog and Bottle Rocket. Bottle Rocket is good, it's Wes Anderson, haven't seen the other, but it's Kurisawa, who should come up from the grave and kill George Lucas for stealing and possibly ruining his visual style, not to mention plot elements from his films.

I did make it to buy some comics Friday, ended up getting Frankenstein Mobster #3 and the new Power Pack #1. Read both, and I plan on reviewing the Frankie books when I get a fair number of issues into it. I'll talk about the Pack later, for now it's time to see if I can indeed finally fix my sound problem. I'm not quitting until it's fixed or I just break the card in half. Whichever.


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