Friday, April 08, 2005

Thank you

To everyone who has entered and/or linked to the Bluesman giveaway, thank you!

To blogger: Thank you so damn much. You finally did something fantastic...other than just being Blogger. i can now recover a post if it's lost!

To Mr. Ben and his partner Mr. Jerry: Keep making Oatmeal Cookie Chunk and I'll be fat forever. it's possible that could happen no matter what, so yeah, just keep making it.

Anyone else seen Wonderfalls? I know it got cancelled, but damn was it ever a good show! If you catch the DVD on sale, or have the extra dough, check it out. It's about a woman, Jaye, and the twists and turns of her life when inanimate objects (always animals) begin talking to her. Very Joan of Arc-ish, and it predates the current show with that similar format. Here we do not know who or what is trying to communicate with Jaye, only that they tell her vague instructions and she has to figure out what they mean. Mostly it's an "everything works out in the end" show, but with some honest surprises along the way. The twists and turns in and out of genres is a nice thing to see too, no two episodes feel the same, and the cast is brilliant, as is the writing. It's one of the freshest ideas to come to television (too bad it failed and then got ripped off...) and everyone involved should be commended. If you see this, rent it, you won't regret it.


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