Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bigger, Faster, and Dedder Than Ever

Okay, so I avoided posting this to the blog because I wasn't sure how long it would take to get up and running, but my Hard Drive went kaput Friday, and after dropping $120 and spending a godawful amount of time last night doing it, I'm back up to speed, running with 160 Gigs, even got more RAM and a new keyboard finally(no more worries about spaces, I'm sure you'll thank me...), along with a mouse, both wireless and very friggin' cool.

So, while I was out I watched Sin City twice, along with a number of other fliks and TV Shows (mainly Wonderfalls, and man do I love it!). But, all that'll come later. Right now I've got even more work ahead of me recovering "lost" files and such and installing all of my old programs. Not as daunting as installing an OS on a new HD, but it's not really my idea of fun. But, I promise, there will be something in the way of new content tomorrow, more than likely a Sin City review along with a few other things.

Good to be back, even if no one knew I was gone.


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