Thursday, April 14, 2005

Giving You What You Need

Can you believe I forgot to mention the new Permanent Damage this week?! I can't! Go, read, now!

Also high on my list of favorite comics commentators, Chris Allen returns to CBG with his Breakdowns column. Did someone forget to tell me it was Chrismas? (No, I didn't misspell that. Chrismas, get it?)

Speaking of the Galaxy, ADD runs down his list of favorites for the Eisners this year. I can agree with most of what he's saying when I know who he's talking about, but hey, I friggin' love Y, the Last Man, so, wherever it's nominated makes me happy. But! (Two buts in one paragraph, impossible!) I always thought of the Eisners as an event that would bring the material all the fanboys weren't reading to everyone's attention, so I can see why Alan's upset at a lot of the nominations.

Smallville wasn't that great. Can't believe we waited six weeks for that. Am I wrong in assuming that was some sort of Eclipso type of thing? I know it wasn't exactly like those Eclipso gems, but it looked kinda similar.

Caught the episode of Robot Chicken I missed tonight. If you haven't tuned in to this yet, this will get you to: Kill Bunny-starring Jesus, Santa, the Easter Bunny and a bunch of Hebrews. Think Kill Bill, only with Jesus as the Bride, Santa as Oren (Sp?), Bunny as Bill.. INSANE. Plus, there was a superhero real world parody. Seeing Hulk pee in the sink and say "Dishes Done!" got me rolling.

I haven't made it to the LCS this week, mostly because I haven't read last weeks books yet. I'll get there tomorrow.


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