Thursday, April 07, 2005

Catching up still

Long work day today, so I didn't get near as much done as I'd hoped, and I'm still playing "fix the computer" for the most part, reinstalling drivers for my hardware, took me hours just to find the one for my video card. Speaking of, a big F*ck you too, to the folks at 3dfx for pretty much leaving the support for their products in the hands of idiots. It sucks you couldn't stay in business, but did you have to screw the people that actually bought your stuff? And if I ever get another comp, it'll be anothe Gateway, they are awesome on support, unlike say, Dell.

I did watch Elektra again last night, and still enjoyed it, much moreso than Daredevil, and it blows crapola like LXG and Catwoman out of the water, which is no surprise. Garner is excellent here, where she was barely mediocre in DD, the supporting cast does their job, except for her "agent/handler" type person, he kinda sucked, and General Zod as Stick was pretty damned cool. So, fanboys, why the hate? How come you'll go see the testosterone driven homo-erotic, walkin' around in tights, bat-nippled mainstream superhero movies, but no love for a pretty decent flik starring current It-hottie Jen Garner? I mean all you guys drool over Alias, but you can't get off your couch to go see this? I bet you'll be lined up like sheep to be spoonfed the next piece of shit George Lucas is rolling out (I have hope, but very, very little), but you can't show a little support for this girl-powered action flik? I mean, they even added a girl-on-girl kiss to the film and you STILL didn't go! Why? Really, it's not bad, give it a chance.

That said, the Matt Murdock deleted scene is creepy-cool. Also, no commentrak? WTF man! I was hoping for a track with the resident baddies, cuz I liked every damn one of em.

Also, if you like westerns, or just like Silverado specifically, pick up the new Special Edition release, well worth the $15. While you're at it, but the new Beck CD. I don't even like him all that much and I think it friggin' rocks.

Okay, Sin City thoughts later, first sleep!


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