Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hurting for Content

Well, I thought I was, but with links to my last post from ADD, Neilalien, and Chris Hunter at The Great Curve, I guess I'm wrong. While ADD has linked to me before, Chris and Neils links were a surprise, I'm fairly certain those are the first direct links I've recieved from either of them, and for a post I decided to write because I couldn't think of anything else! Thanks guys. I've been meaning to add Curve to my blog roll, I think I'll do that now.

I purchased Harvey Birdman Vol.1 today, and wow, great packaging. The DVDs aren't too shabby either. While this lacks the charm of Aqua Teen and the characters of Sealab, HB is still one of Adult Swims best shows. Where else can you see Barney Rubble, Mobster or the real story of Race Bannon and Dr. Quests relationship? Or how about Shaggy and Scooby arrested for what we all thought they were doing anyway? But, the best episode has to be Apache Chief's. Witness Black Vulcan's true feelings about the Superfriends:

"You think I named myself Black Vulcan? Hell, no! I used to go by Supervolt. 'Black Vulcan' was Aquaman's idea. And I said, well, maybe we should just call you 'White Fish'. "

"They kept pairing me up with white Superfriends, like as soon as their backs were turned I was gonna start super-lootin'."


Everyone catch Tuesday's Shield episode? My God what an ending. I don't think I've ever been more horrified.

I'm off to install my new DVD burner and watch Smallville. All you new folks stopping in, enter my Bluesman contest!!!!!! Free comics folks! You can't beat that.


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