Saturday, April 09, 2005

Long Day

10+ hrs of work have me exhausted right now, plus I managed to get some sort of bronchial/respitory thing that has me coughing something awful, and I've got some HTMLing to do so that Alan does not think I'm never going to send in another review, and on top of that my comp still isn't back up to full speed (burner/sound card/dvd-rom drives will not work for some damn reason, I suspect they all have something in common as to why, but hell if I know, but, I did manage to save everything that I needed off my bad HD, so thank God for that!). So, yeah, looks like a day without an official update. I got Seven Samurai in from Netflix, I'm looking forward to watching it again, it's been awhile, and I really can't afford it on DVD.

I've actually done some extracarricular writing in the last few days, and finished something that resembles a comic book script (vaguely) and found someone who may be willing to illustrate it if I can ever manage to stop spending money. It's not excellent by any means, nor is it personal, just a fantasy-ish type of story. Not big news to anyone but me, as it's just a personal goal, I never finish anything I start, so it made me a bit happy.

I'm going to a small convention tomorrow, and I'm hoping Top Shelf will be there (it's in Atlanta, relitively close to their home base) so I can pick up a few quality things. I completely forgot to confirm my order on the sale they ran weeks back and feel like an utter idiot for it. Of course, the dough came in handy when buying the new HD, so maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Full report on books I grabbed at the Con. Bob Burden will be there, so the flyer says, wish I had some books for him to sign, or even a copy of Mystery Men, but I don't think I do, but if nothing else it'll be nice to just meet him. So, yeah, come back tomorrow and I'll talk comics. I swear.


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