Friday, April 08, 2005


My brain is currently not functioning well, so here's a few places you can actually read some material.

There's a new Permanent Damage up, so if yiu haven't seen it yet, please, do so now. As always Mr. Grant delivers the goods, including his next section of Creating Comics.

Ian Brill got to see Greant Morrison in person and has the rundown on his blog: Part 1 Part 2 I've been meaning to link to it for sometime, but you know how it goes. It's great stuff, and Morrison is such a strange guy, Ian does a great job of reporting here, and like ADD said, his blog has become a favorite 'Net hang-out of mine recently.

Franklin's Findings is going the way of Clandestine Critic. Seems alot of my newfound favorite bloggers are moving on to better things. here's hoping the call of the blog doesn't keep 'em away too long!

Before it slipps my mind again, Comic Book Galaxy is holding an absolutely wonderful James Kochalka contest. With plenty o' prizes to give away, odds are good you might win something, so go enter.

JB (does that make me Terry? I hope not, howie gets all the chicks!) looks at Rima, the Jungle Girl. As much as I love hearing his thoughts on some of the newer comics and such, these explorations of older material are just completely fascinating for me. As someone who came into the world of comics in the 90s, I have the displeasure of not knowing much about what came before. Sure I know alot of the major things, but stuff like this and his multi-part look at DC's Frankenstein are just amazing for me. Keep it up JB.

The Sin City reviews are all over the place. Mostly positive too. Looks good for the residents of Basin City.

And finally, JK over at Trash Heap is holding his own contest, for you to win a copy of Vertigo's new First Taste trade. so go enter already! While you're at it, don't forget to rnter my Bluesman giveaway! Free signed comics, what could be better?


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