Friday, April 29, 2005

Order & Meaning

So, I have the track order down and wanted to post it along with a few words about each song, so here goes.

Jay-Z/Linkin Park-Izzo/In the End

Jay-Z is arguably the most talented man to ever touch a microphone, but of course if you can't appreciate rap music, you can't appreciate that. The fact that he elevates a band like Linkin Park to something that is listenable is phenomenal in and of itself, but this is probably the greatest rap/rock combo since it all began with Aerosmith and those boys from Run DMC so many years ago.

Jet-Last Chance

Hands down my favorite band to come along in the last few years, this song represents them at their best, balls to the wall rock music inspired by AC/DC, the Stones, early Beatles, and so many others. While there are slow cuts from their album, it's the music like this that makes them a band I can't wait to hear more from.

The Beach Boys-Sloop John B

I love music that tells a story, and it's one of the resons I love so much older music, it's not all "feeling on shoulders" it's the occasional wacky tale, or hell sometimes even a sad one. Sloop John B is a story set to music. It's fun, and for me that's the best kind of music.

John Oszajca-Valley of the Dolls

I could have easily made the mixtape out of only the songs on his CD. Each one has a different flavor and feeling behind it, and the man is absolutely a brilliant lyricist. This is probably my favorite song on his CD, but that's a difficult statement to make. It's folksy with a bit of a siesta feel behind it, and contains my favorite verse ever written.

Soul Asylum-I Did My Best

The CD Let Your Dim Light Shine is one of my all-time favorites, though admittedly I'm not a huge fan of the band outside of it. This song is kinda goofy in that teen-angst way, but that's why I love it. It would easily be at home on an episode of whatever teen drama is popular now (The OC I suppose), but there's still something else there, maybe it's the guitar that still appeals to me, I don't know, I just love this song.

Kanye West-Jesus Walks

Religious or not, this is a powerful tune. West is one of the best up & coming rappers and this song represents how passionate he is. He got his start under Jay-Z laying down beats, and if his first album is any indication he'll soon be better than the teacher.

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Long as I Can See the Light

It's CCR, you either like em or you don't. Hopefully everyone who gets a copy can at least enjoy this tune, especially the sax.

Alice in Chains-Would?

It's a shame we'll never see any more Chains music, and that I didn't discover them until the Seattle scene had come and gone. I think they represent the best of what was going on in that little burst that became "alternative" music, yes even moreso than Nirvana. This track comes from their Unplugged CD, which is one of my favorite albums ever, I think there's something a little more here than in the studio recordings, it's passionate and simple, good music stripped down to its core.


It's the catchiest damn song I've ever heard. I'm now a Beck fan and i'm determined to get all his CDs. When I listen to this I'm like one of those guys on Night at the Roxbury.

Bubba Sparxxx-Deliverance

Don't let the name fool you, this guy isn't your ordinary rapper. He hails from my neck of the woods, or at least as close as anyone will ever admit, and this song is about his struggle to make a name for himself and prove that he isn't just another white boy trying to rap. It's southern rap at its finest, mixing some old-school country sound with new hip-hop flavor and it's a great song. Again, if you appreciate rap.

Green Day-Macy's Day Parade

It's hard to say when Green day stopped letting punk define them and decided to begin redefining punk, but this song represents them at their modern best. I knew I wanted a Green Day song, but it was a difficult choice to make. Easrly stuff like Maria might be their most ambitious, young, pushy and no holds barred, but their new stuff contains so much maturity and is so relatable for me that it was tough. Ultimately this won out, and is probably my favorite Green Day Song.

Counting Crows- Hanginaround

Well, it's the Crows. I love them, and this is just an absolutely fun song. I don't know anyone who hasn't ever felt like this.

Phantom Planet-Lonely Day

Pop music at its best. Most probavbly would know planet from their music on The OC (they wrote the title song, which is on The Guest, the same CD this track hails from), but mostly they're probably unknown to the common listener. Jason Schwartzman was a member when this album was recorded, but I believe he's since moved on. I haven't liked any of their new stuff, but The Guest is a great pop album and lends a lot of credibility to a genre so many are willing to write off.

Willie Nelson-Last Stand

This is another song that tells a story, this one of a cowboy making his, what else, last stand, with the help of a young gunslinger. It's a great country-wester/rock song that probably has a deeper message than just that story, depending on what you want to read into it.

Robert Downey, Jr.-Smile

This is one of my favorite songs ever written, and Downey does a good job on piano and vocals here, though he still takes himself a little too serious. But, that's one of the songs many charms.

Son Volt-Drown

Another live recording. Probably their most well-known song, not my favorite but it's a good song. The live version just has that little bit extra behind it that elevates it.

Guns N Roses-Breakdown

Their best song, period. The song has a lot more meaning than the music they're known for, and if you remove the lyrics the music is just absolutely amazing. Plus, Axl quoting a famous movie line at the end makes me laugh every time.

Nat King Cole-Stardust

Once voted the greatest love song ever written, it's hard to argue with that. This has become a staple for so many singers it's hard to pick the best rendition, but I do enjoy Nat's more than any other I own.

Boys Night Out-Walkaways

Another Crows tune, but I think the Boys do it better than Adam and Co. do, as blasphemous as that may be.

The Eagles-Desperado

From the Hell Freezes Over album, again, hearing it live just makes it so much better. If I had to pick my all-time favorite song, this would be it. Preach on Brother Don.

So, there you go. Everyone who hears it will probably think "What the hell is wrong with this kid, none of these songs go together." But, hey, I love em all. Yeah, I picked more mainstream stuff than probably anyone else on the list, but I like mainstream music as much as I like indy stuff, probably more so, and i'm not a music snob either, I hope that shows. I think too many people ar willing to write off music that they just assume they won't like. I think everythying deserves a chance to sink or swim in my eyes, so i'm never quick to judge something because it's "pop" or "country" or "R&B". I hope none of the other listeners out there, at least the ones recieving my CD, do that either. I tried to pick songs that were enjoyable despite whatever their lyrics were, so if you don't "get" the words, I hope you at least enjoy the music.


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