Wednesday, September 01, 2004


It's not a Sunday afternoon, but there's still alot of stuff out there to see.

Tony Whitt has a new Comicscape column up at He talks about this weeks releases, and has an in-depth look at DC's Humanoids line currently bombarding shelves. I'll have to look into picking some of those up. Check it out:

There's also an Avengers #500 review, and a Sandman: Endless Nights review.

Mike Sterling has an interesting cover up at Funny stuff.

Speaking of covers: Check out Dorian's brilliant idea on the man that shouyld have been Hush.

Near Mint Heroes has a massive update, bound to keep you busy for quite awhile, it's a linkfest of its own, take a gander:

Johnny Bacardi is back from yet another NYC trip. Welcome back Johnny. Not much happening in his world, but check it out:

And, once again, CBG is having a celebration, so please, go make em feel good by running up their hit counter. There's tons of great stuff to read there, sure to keep you busy for hours.

Neilalien has a link to the new Doc Strange series, a full preview of the issue, so hit him up as well:

Since it's Wednesday, and that means new comics, I'll be back later with some review. Actually, there's a few movies I'm gonna talk about too, Alien: Resurrection and The Girl Next Door. One's great and one sucks. I'll leave you with the suspense.


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