Wednesday, September 22, 2004

One Down...

And far too many to go. This one's from quite a few weeks ago, but it was still a good read.

Bullsesy: Greatest Hits #1 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Creative team: Daniel Way, Steve Dillon, with colors by Dan Kemp, letters by Randy Gentile, and a cover by Mike Deodato, Jr.

What's it about? Bullseye has finally been apprehended, and this time the government intends to keep him that way. Unfortunately before they got him he'd stolen some nukes, and now Agents Hoskins and Baldry have to find out where the nukes are. Which, naturally, means interrogating one of the world's most dangerous men.

Why you should be reading it: Well, let's start with the obvious reason, the art. Steve Dillon is one of the mediums finest, he's proven time and again how good he really is. This is no different. The pages flow as well as they possibly can, and while it might not be Frank Quietly/WE3-ish, it's still pretty damned good. Dillon doesn't draw any two characters the same, and you've gotta love his facial expressions. His Bullseye looks menacing, even though he's wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Next, there's the writing. Until now I've only known Way from his work on Venom, which I've mostly loved. He also wrote a creator owned book at Marvel titled Gun Theory and was supposed to be writing an Ant-Man series for the MAX line, not sure if that one ever made it to the stands rhough. Anyone have any idea? This book, however, feels verey different from his work on Venom. Yes, they're both psychopaths, but where as Venom feels more like out-and-out hooror-ish (is that a word?), Bullseye feels more like a suspense. For instance, the build up before we actually see Bullseye is fantastic, thw two agents talking about the various misdeeds the man has been known for. It's an old plot tactic, but it's one that works well, especially here. The dialogue is excellent as well, and you can almost feel the hatred these people have for their prisoner fuming off the page. Then we finally get to our main character, and it's everything we could have hoped. Even his little "origin" story seems crazy, and you're not quite sure if he's telling the truth, with that sly smile he has on his face. It just great stuff. Theother reason is, it'sBullseye. Who doesn't love maniacle, psychopathic lunatics with uncanny abilities? Especially well written and drawn ones!


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