Thursday, September 02, 2004

Well, I got one of them!

Haven't had a chance to get any reading done, and I didn't get to finishe the bonus materials for Alien: Resurrection, but I did watch The Girl Next Door.

The Girl Next Door

Director: Luke Greenfield (the Animal)

Writer(s): David Wagner, Brent Goldberg, Stuart Glumberg

Actors: Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert

What's it about? Hirsch plays Matthew Kidman, typical high school geek, about to graduate, with no fond memories of his four years in Hell. Cuthbert plays the girl whol moves in next door, Danielle, who just happens to be a former porn star, unbeknownst to Matt. He falls in love, and she falls in love, they overcome her chosen profession, along with a few other typical obstacles, and have some laughs along the way.

Why you should watch it: Well, it's a pretty typical movie, except the cast and direction bring it up to another level. Greenfield's previous big outing was The Animal which wasn't a bad film, for what it was, but this flik should bring Greenfield into the majors of comedy. There are some outright genuine laughs, and plenty of feel-good moments, along with T&A galore. Yesterday I watched a movie that was awful, and attempted to hide it with sex. This movie does the exact opposite, adding T&A where none is really needed. The script wassolid enough to support itself, but I think the studio might have felt like it needed the extra boost to drive in horny teens. Of course I watched the unrated version, so I don't know what was added in really. Still, I found it a bit overdone in parts. Yeah, she's a porn star, I suppose you have to have some nudity. I'm getting away from the subject. Nudity aside, this film holds it own, and is better than any of the teen movies to come down the pike in quite along time. That's not saying much, but really, it's a good movie. Mostimpressive was Greenfields use of music during the course of the film. Scores are usually best at holding a mood, but here we have pop and rock songs in place of traditional instumental music, and it works brilliantly. The acting is impressive, and like I said, the plot keeps you entertained. If you're looking to get a good laugh and a smile, you can't go wrong with this.

Also, there's a new Chapter up on my Last Stand page, so please, if you're bored, check it out. Or, check it out if you're not bored. Just check it out!


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